Haskell source editor

This term I’m taking (well actually not much choice here, it’s an obligatory course) a haskell class (officially it’s a functional programming class but 90% will be haskell).
So I decided to take a look at different options available for coding in haskell.

My first choice was Notepad++ and WinHugs. So Notepad++ is for editing and WinHugs is for running my code. I even did my first home work :)
Unfortunately there is no ready to use syntax highlighting scheme for haskell in Notepad++ and I wasn’t able to find any in internet.

So I searched for other solutions:
1. There is a mode for TextPad, but I think it’s disgusting, so I’m not gonna use it anyway.
2. There is Visual Haskell and it seems to be pretty cool, but it requires installing Visual Studio 2003 and I just don’t feel like doing that :)
3. There is a plug-in for Eclipse. And since I’m becoming an eclipse fan lately, I decided to try it. It’s pretty nice. It supports both WinHugs and GHC. GHC is a compiler for haskell that seems to perform pretty well. At least results at The Computer Language Shootout are amazingly good. But as of now I find it little bit complicated to use, so I’m sticking with WinHugs for now.

But I’m still hesitating what’s better eclipse or notepad++ for my needs. If I had to solve more complex problems in haskell or had to write production code, I would definitely stick with eclipse. But it’s hard to choose now.

UPD: The final solution is ConTEXT editor + GHC, GHCi and WinHugs.


3 thoughts on “Haskell source editor

  1. Thank’s for the tip!
    Unfortunetly I won’t be able to check it out since I’ve moved to Linux a while ago and there is no problem with finding a good editor for Haskell here. Even default editors for Gnome and KDE do great job in supporting Haskell.

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