Back from Tallinn

Just returned from Tallinn, Estonia

It was a rather short trip so I didn’t have time to explore the city. I’ve spent most of my time in the historical center of the city.

The center of Tallinn is rather hilly. And I loved that cause I’m kind of tired of flatness of Saint Petersburg. And I really enjoyed just wondering around in the center.

Reflected Photo

Only once we had a chance to go really far ( that means we took a bus :) ). It was when we decided to take a look at the city from far above and traveled to the TV tower. It’s pretty high, the sight area is at 174 meters and it’s only half way up. But unfortunately the view sucked :(. So if you ever go to Tallinn forget about the TV tower, better climb on to the Olivest tower if it’s open or at least visit Radison SAS hotel roof.

As of language I developed a simple algorithm: if the person you want to ask is young then use English, otherwise use Russian (oops, of course if you know it)

For those who know Russian, you can visit my friends blog he has more photos and nice review of Tallinn sights.


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