Arch Linux


It’s been only 2 weeks since I’d decided to stick with openSUSE but in a week or so I got tired of it. It feels bloated. It’s not as bad as Sabayon of course but still it didn’t make me happy.

While looking through different distros earlier this month I noticed one that I would like to try if I have a little more time.

The Arch


And finally I did try, and I can tell you it’s fantastic!
Probably software development did make me a little pedantic but I really enjoy the KISS principle. And that’s what Arch Linux is about. Besides – it’s bleeding edge and I like that too.

It allows you to build your own unique system and that somewhat gives you the same feeling of creation as software development does.

Not That Much Emotions

It doesn’t have a gui installer. You just boot from a CD and then run different commands to install or configure different parts of your system. It actually appeared to be much simpler then I expected.

As you could have noticed I prefer KDE and fortunately Arch has great support of it.


Arch Linux is a great distro for someone willing to build his system almost from scratch. It’s not for average user but I think many computer enthusiast, programmers, geeks and nerds should love it :)

P.S. my arch boots to login in 32 seconds and then kde starts in another 8


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