All you smart people out there give me some advice

I use KDE.

I love:

I like:

I hate:
konqueror (both as file manager and as browser)

I wish:
there was a way to completely replace konqueror with something simpler, like dolphin for example
firefox was ported to QT
eclipse was ported to QT
openoffice was better and ported to QT
Kget was better, had download speed throttling and schedule (like ktorrent)

Applications I use:
very often:
OO Writer


from time to time:


The “I wish” part upsets me, so here is my question:
How can I become happy?

Update: I’m happy now! 


9 thoughts on “All you smart people out there give me some advice

  1. Use Mac.
    firefox works like charm (though some find Safari better)
    you can run eclipse
    openoffice requires 3-click install to run
    there is also a bunch of download managers, but none that I really like

    btw, there is no konqueror — there is finder!

    and when you buy a mac you get a set of apple stickers!!!

  2. I do sometimes think of that, but my latest mood is anty-Macish. I find it too limiting.

    The upcoming KDE4 probably will make me a little happier, since konqueror will get replaced there, YEY!

    Btw konqueror and safari use same rendering engine, I think it’s called webkit. So I guess gmail doesn’t work under safari either?

    I wonder if there is alternative to firefox.

  3. remove QT/KDE out from drive!

    GTK is real jedi power =)

    don’t listen Basil…

    use Gnetoo, use VIM, use command line tools

    preved s Mat-Meha

  4. Hehe :)

    Donna, I personally prefer QT. Could you explain what’s better about GTK?

    Gentoo is definitely great, but it just takes too much time to compile something. With all my inclination to experimenting with different software I can’t afford spending that much time on installing software. Anyway I like Arch and don’t feel like switching to anything else now.

  5. GTK is true Open Source, QT is not :-)
    This was joke about QT/KDE and i really don’t wanna make flame about this holy-wars topic.

    I’ve done my choice for Linux 7 years ago and for Gentoo 4 years ago. So I can say that Gentoo isn’t destined for mortal users :-)

  6. The only true language is assembler. Each other one is just only a hack ( compiler does it for you ). On the other side QT is horribly expensive ( if you earn 350$ ), Signals/slots neither efficient nor type safe, has no low-level graphics layer. It is rather a Windows toolkit ported to X11 ( and Gtk is X11 toolkit ported to Windows ). It is not developed by open-source community – Sun and HP will never want to become dependent on the other company – so they never put QT/KDE on ther Unices as a default desktop. If Gtk was a good OO project written in C++ everybody would use it instead of QT. But it is not – in fact it is almost the same as Motif/CDE ( C++ in C ).

  7. Thanks for thorough explanation. I neither meant to start a holly war :) Just got curious, because from user perspective (at least mine) QT seems to be nicer. Unfortunetly I’ve never used neither of them in development, so I have no opinion from developers perspective.

    Hehe, I’m definitely among the mortal ones now :))
    Just working my way up to immortality :)

    Btw, Mat-Mex Luchshe Vsekh!

  8. QT isn’t nicer.
    Both of them has styles/themes and you can adjust it as u like.

    ЗЫ. Когда у вас защита то?

  9. Actually when I just started using Linux I played with all the different theming options a lot. Actually now I’m just using the Curve theme, that makes gtk and qt look the same. Probably the thing is that QT feels more complete, not sure if it’s the right word. There is something about GTK that gives me some feeling of being old and I don’t think themes can correct that :(. Of course all this stuff is strictly subjective. So I don’t think it’s worth arguing :)

    Романовский пока вроде не дал окончательный ответ по датам защиты, т.е. кто когда.
    Ну а про 13,14,18 и 19 ты наверно и так знаешь.

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