CommunityOne Conference

It is seems to be conference season in Silicon Valley now. The big JavaOne is almost here and to get everyone ready Sun set up the CommunityOne conference. This was mainly a one day event there was something yesterday (on Sunday) but very little.
The CommunityOne is free and is dedicated to open source. It left me no excuse for missing it. Well, I didn’t:


I should say it was more interesting than Web 2.0 Expo. Less buzz more technical stuff. Overall I’m very satisfied. Plus I’ve got a nice t-shirt with opensource mascot patterns:

T-Shirt With Open Source Mascot Patterns


3 thoughts on “CommunityOne Conference

  1. I think yes.
    The only thing is not to harm the project I’m working on, if I can attend a conference and do no harm, then I’m fine :)

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