Wireless Printing & Scanning w/ Linux

I recently bought a HP Photosmart C4385 all-in-one printer/scanner. Nice thing about it is that printing/scanning can be done over wi-fi.

But to tell the truth I didn’t even hope that scanning would work over wi-fi with my Linux. And guess what? I was wrong! And not only did it work, it also took me just several minutes, probably even less then on windows (for which drivers where provided on a CD) to set it up.

Big thanks to HP for their support of Linux customers!

Sorry I’m to lazy to write a howto, so just couple links:

Obviously printing worked just fine too :)

UPDATE: I decided to try to migrate to KDE4 and Arch64 so I had to reinstall my printer/scanner and I’m not lazy this time, so here are the steps required:

  1. Install hplip, cups, sane and some sane frontend (xsane, kooka, skanlite, etc.)
  2. Start cups daemon
  3. Run hp-toolbox
  4. It will guide you through printer setup
  5. Uncomment hpaio in /etc/sane.d/dll.conf

Now both printing and scanning should work. You might need to add yourself to group “scanner”.


2 thoughts on “Wireless Printing & Scanning w/ Linux

  1. gentlemen: the above did not help nor the link it provided. again, here is my situation:

    i have a wireless pc running on linux (double boot with windows xp). i would like to be able to know how to print to an hp officejet j4550 hard wired to a wireless pc running on windows vista.

    may i also know where i can find the ssid? i saw it before but could no longer find it :-{.

    thank you very much for your help ^_^.

    take care,

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