I’ve been on a vacation recently. I took some notes and tons of photos. So here there are my notes + some photos to make you jealous.

Day 1
• Flight
– Was nice. Good company: one 35-40 year old man and one 20 year old tall and skinny girl. She tried to be little snobby but that didn’t last long cause the man is very talkative.
• Bus travel
– The bad news were that we need to travel another 304 km to our hotel. Good news again – good company: all the same + a 25 year old dj, a pretty girl and a talkative woman.
It took ~5 hours. First impression of Sicily was: ‘Wow this looks familiar’. At first glance it looked much like Tenerife.
• Hotel President

– It’s really close to beach. But they messed up with rooms. As a result, we’ve got a room w/o balcony, that kind of sucked. My roommate is a nice gentleman, but he’s too upset with shortcomings of this hotel.

Day 2
• Breakfast
– Pretty fast :)
• Beach
– Water was super, clean and clear. Nice sea shore. Great sun.
• Dinner
– Good and tasty
• Excursion to Noto

– The city is nice but the rain didn’t make me too happy. I tried real Italian “caffe”. But I still don’t like coffee.
• Supper
– Super supper. Nice food, strange talks.

Day 3
• Beach
• Dinner
– Strange news at the beginning of dinner. Some history: active ones of our group have tried to change our schedule the way they needed and didn’t inform the hosting party. As a result: our program is cut down to visiting hotels.
• Taormina

– We only visited hotels but the Captaormina hotel was fantastic.

Day 4
• Syracuse

– A very nice excursion to the ancient city (8th century b.c.)
Visited ancient amphitheater and the old city.
• Beach
– Took some sun bath, swam a little in the ionic sea and in pool. An old man from our group shared his background on geopolitical situation in near east.
• Walk

Day 5
• Catania

– Catania is second biggest city in Sicily.
We happened to arrive on a day when there was big bicycle trial show. There were many spots all around the center.
Unfortunately I didn’t find a Puma store …
• Etna

– It’s the biggest (highest and most active) working volcano in europe.
My impression – Fantastic.
I had a feeling like I’m on other planet. Black ground around and steam everywhere + we were there the morning after the night when new eruption had started and it was still erupting when we were up there.

Day 6
• Taormina

– Finally we are able to visit the old taormina.
Fantastic, very very nice place, high in the mountains, smashing views.

Day 7
• The move
– We are leaving the president hotel on the east of the isle and moving to Citta del mare on the west. Nothing special just 4-5 hours in bus talking with this lawyer girl about nothing.

• Citta del mare
– Huge compared to our previous hotel. A lot of different activities available.
I checked out the beach, it’s all rocks. But it’s fine if u r careful.

Day 8
• Palermo

– We are in historical center of the city. A lot of churches. Very diverse architecture.
• Monreale

– A little town built next to palermo by one of local rulers after he had quarreled with the church.

Day 9
• Cefalu

– Nice little town. I found 2 stores with t-shirts but one didn’t have original ones and the other had none with player names.

Day 10
• Palermo (Shopping)
– Unfortunately I found genuine Italy jersey only in one place and they didn’t have it with player names :(
• Erice

– High in the mountains. Very nice views. Heh there is a math institute here :)
• Segesta

– Just an ancient temple. But this stuff is beautiful.



Fantastic game! This is the first game on this world cup that impressed me! Fantastic hit by Grosso and Del Piero scored finally! Hurray!