The Linux Quest


As I wrote before, I’ve been using Kubuntu Edgy 64bit and I was pretty much satisfied with it.
The only problem I had was with my laptops built-in web camera. There are no drivers for Linux and it doesn’t seem there will be anything in the near future.

(Note: there are some people out there struggling to create those drivers but I don’t think they will have any good results till end of this year)

And when my parents asked to set up skype video conference with their friends I had no other choice then installing windows.

And as I’ve been using the Kubuntu for 4 month I decided to reformat my entire system and do a clean setup of Windows and Linux.

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Fixing sound in Linux (simple tip)

I’m running Kubuntu Edgy 64bit on my laptop.

And I had this strange problem, my laptop speakers wouldn’t work although headphones did work fine and everything in my KMix was set to maximum.

The solution was just too simple and I wouldn’t post it here but it seems to me many people might come accross this and I hope my little note will save them time.

Just type alsamixer in console and turn everything to maximum :) (Don’t forget to turn mute off using “m” key)alsamixer1.png