A Little Trip to LA or I Can’t Believe I Did It

I was very lucky to get a one week vacation after working a little at my new job. So I decided to drive to Los Angeles for couple days. Since my car isn’t in the best condition I decided to rent something cheap but hopefully more reliable than my car for this adventure.

I was planning to move out on the morning of the 25th when everybody’s at home celebrating Christmas so the freeways would be truly free :)

But the downside was that no rental would work on the 25th so I woke up early on the 24th and drove to several rentals close to my home.

First I visited Hertz (probably because that’s the best known name), then Avis (I also had heard of it before), then United Alamo (never heard of it before, but it appeared to be located just in the middle of the first two) and finally Budget (which I noticed on my way home).

Most of them didn’t have any cars :(

So I guess it’s a good idea to make a reservation beforehand.

The prices where pretty much the same, just Budget was a little cheaper.

The bad news where that since I’m not 25 years old yet I would have to pay extra $25 for each day. But that still wasn’t too bad.

The worst part was that Budget was the only one that a had a car for decent money and they wouldn’t give a car to someone who is under 25 and doesn’t have a credit card. In the other places they would accept debit cards but as I said they didn’t have cars.

So I ended up saving some money and taking the risks. But hey my car took me to LA in just 6 hours and got me back home in a little more than that due to some traffic.